Leaving wordpress and heading over to tumblr

The Conscious Creatrix is moving on to tumblr, follow me there. I have new material, and I have been posting everyday. See ya there ūüôā

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A job for me?

So as always I am trying to figure out how to make a financial living on my own terms. I am dreadfully picky when it comes to how I spend my time and energy. The time has come that I must admit: I will not drag myself out of my home, to be to a place that controls my time for the better part of a day. No way. Really, I’m not going to do it. I have two children. Ayden is in 2nd grade, his school starts at 7:45 a.m. and he is home off the bus at 2:45pm. What kind of job can I squeeze into those odd hours? Of course I need to consider Gena, my preschooler. She needs to be delivered to her school at 8:30 in the morning and picked up at 11:30 in the morning Monday thru Friday. ¬†A 9-5, (probably) minimum wage job will just not fit neatly into the above mentioned schedule. I already hear people saying well what about daycare…No, my answer is no.¬†

So let the brainstorming begin. I desire a job that I can do (for the most part) from the comfort of my home, that aligns (for the most part) with my belief systems) and can pay (for the most part) a couple of bills. Thats really no that far fetched. Like most stay-at-home moms I have a small and humble list of skills that could be potentially marketable.

By and large, I excel in the craft of crochet. There is nothing that I can’t crochet but there are plenty of things that I would rather not (doilies.) However, crochet usually takes a lot of time and I would have to charge more money than I would feel ethically comfortable with.

I can sew functional clothing with the aid of a pattern. So your probably not going to suck anything to original out of me in the sewing department. 

I am a certified childbirth educator, however, I haven’t done much in the way of educating.¬†

Ooo, I am shrewd and critical. What could I do with that (un-popular) skill set?

Ah, well if you have any suggestions and you feel generous enough to share, than please do. 


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Fuzzy Computer Brain

I think it is silly to write the title to anything before you have finished it. Like in my last post it made no sense, my title. It sounded good, maybe that is why I kept it. Oh well just wanted to throw that out there. Maybe bloggers could be prompted for their title after they type rather than before.

I have been a computer junkie the last four days in a row. My husband and I are starting an online and business and is it ever A LOT of work. So many different elements come into play with this type of start-up. The site is coming along really well and I am excited for people to start showing up! That is one thing that I never thought would be hard: getting people to the site. I just figured that there are soo¬†many people online that most of them would find our website immediately. Well that is not true at all. I have a feeling that marketing is going to be the reall toughy. Like I said I have been a junkie, a¬†zombie even. When I sit in front of my computer for hours it really starts to affect my mind/brain. I become fuzzy and electric feeling, my eyes hurt and become sunken, I get crabby and giddy. It’s awful! Once the site is fully operational I hope it will kind of run it self so that I don’t have to lose my balance just to¬†run it.

I realize that this post is dreadfully boring and lacks any depth what-so-ever, but this is the state of affairs for me at this time so I figured I would share. I am barely awake now and it shows in my writing. Time to go snuggle up between Dan and my sweet baby girl, Gena.

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Getting Started and Falling Behind

My first “blog.” What does blog even mean? It sounds too much like lingo and I can’t stand lingo. Well I can’t pretend that this is going to be some open, free flowing, no holds barred journal entry from my heart. Because the truth is someone I know might read it and if they read something that I wrote that doesn’t fit in with their pre-conceived notion about me than it could possibly ruin their life. I don’t want to be held accountable for something as devastating as ruining someone else‚Äôs life. But I will try to be as open and honest (within parameters) as I possibly can be. Also, I will remain optimistic to the idea that you care sooo much about my life and what I have to say that I will make sure not to leave out even the most petty of details.

With all that being said I want to also say that I have emotional and logical opinions about most things, I have obsessive flights of fancy and I lack patience and (sometimes) tact.

Moving along, I’ll start from where I am sitting right now. I am on my hunter green couch. My son (Ayden 6years old) is in the kitchen singing a song about how I ate the last of the cereal that he really wanted. And shaking is hips all the while. “That‚Äôs not fun for you and me……,” sings a disgruntled Ayden. Litttle Gena (18 months) old bobs up and down flapping her hands in the air as her brother laments, in song, this morning‚Äôs sorrow. She loves to dance when Ayden sings, it is really very cute.

It’s a beautiful Minnesota morning (I think.) I am feeling ready to start the day. Today’s to do list is: laundry, straighten the house, become slightly stressed at something the kids will do today, stretch, bellydance drills and reading for school (college classes, that I am taking.) Dan (my husband) will be home from his Coffee Shop job around 1pm. I look forward to this time of the day. I love Dan and I love it when he is home to help out around here. He has wonderful work schedule: he works Friday-Monday from 5:30am-1pm. Not bad. We are a family that really likes to be together which is why Dan and I are starting a home-based business. We are only a couple of steps away from being fully operational. We are hoping that this will bring in enough income to sustain us without relying on other people and businesses.

Well that‚Äôs enough for now. I will try to be back often as I have a lot to write about and we haven’t even gotten to the surface. I’m guessing it’s going to take a while to get there.

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